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    Al Shami Oriental sweets made from the finest quality ingredients and PISTACHIO with skilled with syrian hands
    By Founder Muneer Khajkhasan

    Muneer Khajkhasan

    Syrian with loveOur Story

    Al Shami oriental Sweets is the best oriental Sweets Shop in Antwerpen Belgium. our sweets shop carries the sweet flavours of Syrian expertly prepared by our talented chefs right. We made the sweets with minimum of sugar maintaining the best taste,At Al Shami oriental Sweets love to welcome guests and serve with a plate full of sweets made with love. Provide the best service with tasty Syrian Sweets that you can serve on all occasions. Whether it’s Eid, Christmas, or any occasion, Syrian Sweets work like magic on your taste buds.

    Korte Zavelstraat 35, 2060 Antwerpen
    Al Shami oriental Sweets
    Korte Zavelstraat 35, 2060 Antwerpen
    Kingdom of Belgium

    +32 465 63 06 02